...travel - what could be more beautiful? We are all travellers. Our life is about travelling around, movement, things happening and constant change. We love this more than anything – we can’t imagine being stuck in one place. During one of our journeys several years ago, we ended up in Australia where we became enchanted by the idea of setting up a "home away from home", a space in which one can pause and live, on and off at that, miles away from the place which is one’s everyday haven. The idea to live in a new place as if at home, rather than being an "ordinary" tourist sitting on a suitcase at a hotel, really got us going. Isn’t that just amazing? Being away from home and yet being at home!

We decided to take up the challenge in our city - Cracow. We dubbed the undertaking "Cracowdays", recalling our inimitable memories of Australia where we got the flavour of "Tropic Days".

Come and visit us in Cracow. We’ve thought of everything and made every effort to please even the most demanding sybarite.

The tranquillity, discretion and individualised, yet unassuming nature of our rooms – and all of that in the very heart of breath-taking Cracow! We will be glad to welcome you in our home...

Magdalena & Janusz

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