Our apartments are located in the very heart of Cracow, a city famous for its unique atmosphere. The magic of Cracow will undoubtedly be remembered by many of our guests. This is an exceptional spot on the map of Poland, boasting a long history and noble tradition. Its unusual attractiveness is augmented by the Renaissance Royal Castle and Wawel Cathedral - monuments of Poland’s national heritage, our pride and joy. An unusual attraction, of special appeal to the youngest visitors is the Wawel Dragon which breathes real fire.
You cannot come to Cracow without wandering around the Main Square, feeding the pigeons, popping into the Cloth Halls, visiting the breath-taking St. Mary’s Church, and at every full hour - listening to the sound of the bugle sound from one of the church towers. But Cracow is not just history. There’s also simplicity which brings with it a lot of charm - narrow, cobbled streets, flower vendors with handfuls of roses, bagels. Our city has so much to offer that visitors can decide for themselves what to do and where to go. Cracow must be savoured, slowly and deliberately, its each and every taste must be appreciated without undue haste...

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